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Abniah Al Saad For General Contracting is the leading contracting company in Iraq with vast experience in the construction sector.

About Us

Company Profile

Abniah Al Saad is one of the leading general contracting companies in IRAQ with vast experience in the construction sector.

Abniah Al Saad’s skilled employees comprise of Engineers and Technicians who have many years of practical experience in the various fields all backed by a professional, serious and highly motivated management team.

Abniah Al Saad provides on-site personnel who manage, construct and maintain facilities of small, medium and large scale projects.

Abniah Al Saad takes pride in executing several landmark projects, both on site and within the office environment; a comprehensive quality and safety plan is adhered to ensure all staff knows what part they must play in maintaining and implementing safe working practices.

Over the years, Abniah Al Saad has offered unsurpassed quality in the construction sector adopting the latest technology including field works, administration and project management. With an outfit of highly qualified professionals and engineers, Abniah Al Saad ensures every contract is executed under strict professional supervision.

We believe that our achievements derive from our most important assets, our workforce. To succeed we strive to provide the best possible working environment and training to allow them to confidently carry out their works safely and professionally.

Regular audits are carried out both internally and by external bodies to ensure standards are being maintained.

Data Management – All information important to the business, including client and site details, equipment on site, service technicians, work routes, repair jobs, etc is maintained in a central database, easily accessible at all times.