Building with Excellence

Abniah Al Saad For General Contracting is the leading contracting company in Iraq with vast experience in the construction sector.

Quality and Safety Policies

The national and international focus by both the public and government on the preservation and protection of the environment issues is becoming very demanding and obviously critical, particularly on the industrial and construction sectors among others. We are the Abniah Al Saad for General Contracting take the issue of environment very seriously and we committed to eliminate and reduce to as low as reasonably practical all company activities that might has some adverse effects on the environment. Accordingly, the company top management has decided to adopt the following environmental condition/factors as an essential part of its operational work execution philosophy:

  1. Compliance with the local environmental legislation and the relevant international standards.
  2. Take all necessary and reasonable environmental precautions, starting from the planning stage up to work completion.
  3. Develop environmental management system and waste disposal practices.
  4. Prepare emergency response plans and coordinate with the clients and local authorities for their execution.
  5. Perform regular environmental base line survey and impact assessment studies where required.
  6. Continuous review improvement of the company performance in this regard.