Building with Excellence

Abniah Al Saad For General Contracting is the leading contracting company in Iraq with vast experience in the construction sector.

Quality and Safety Policies

Our services meet requirements and specifications, and provide satisfaction through quality, reliability and time delivery respecting quality standards; therefore ensuring construction excellence. The system of the company has been developed to ensure efficiency, quality and environmental safety and health objectives. Continuous improvement involves training, ongoing monitoring and review of high level safety procedures in the work place. Reliable equipment and tools, mechanical support and preventive maintenance are essential to every contractor. Our staff is trained on quality and safety awareness and application. Accident prevention and safety of our employees, contractors or visitors to the site is a top priority. Reading materials such as posters and signs, as well as safety procedures are accessible to all.

Quality, Health and Safety Systems result into:

• Understanding the Customer’s needs
• Procurement of quality products complying with the standard requirements
• Providing a safe work place
• Providing resources including effective training of employees
• Training and educating personnel with the objective of having a functional quality management system
• Communicate quality objectives and performance to personnel
• Ensuring that policy is communicated, understood and followed by personnel with the company